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Emerging Markets, Ltd. maintains a large, and ever expanding, network of foreign-based, banking counterparties in most developing regions of the world. The company sources local foreign currencies from hundreds of top-tier, regulated, in-country banks, providing greater local market knowledge, than major, multinational banks. EML provides highly competitive FX rates, competing daily with the world's largest banks. The award-winning company provides superior transaction settlement, and faster follow up service, to insure timely and expedient settlement of all local currency settlements, to the satisfaction of its clients. In certain select markets, EML maintains nostro accounts, denominated in foreign local currencies, for enhanced payment efficiencies, as required by local banking customs, and local regulations, as applicable.


EML employs a number of trading platforms to adapt to the preferred platforms of its clients and counterparties.

  • Reuters - The world's most noted and widely used, electronic trading platform is secure, recorded and instantaneous dealing platform, with archived records of all trades and communications and is accessed via the Reuters Dealing Codes of EMNY & EMCT.
  • Bloomberg - Multifaceted, and expansive information and dealing in a secure, recorded and instantaneous platform is accessed via the Bloomberg Dealing Code of NYEM.
  • 360 T - Internet based and favored by corporate and NGO clients who seek to complete FX trades through solicitation.
  • Telephone - Clients call to obtain firm FX quotations and execute spot FX trades via the traditional voice confirming, with following, written documentary FX Confirmation via e-mail.
  • E-Mail - Favored by clients with a listing of currencies and corresponding amounts of USD on a monthly or bi-weekly trading cycle seeking best offers. NGO clients with a predictable schedule of local funding favor this transaction methodology.


  • Live Exchange Rate Quotations: Competitve forex quotes for immediate trade execution in over 100 countries.
  • Settlement: Same day or next day settlement, depending on time zone.
  • User Friendly Trading Platforms: Multiple, secure forex trading platforms.
  • Confirmation: Automatic confirmation of local currency credits to client accounts including timely delivery of local SWIFT MT 103 bank transfer documentation.
  • Wire Transfer Investigations Local wire transfer credit investigations and follow up.
  • NO FEE: Transactions executed free of fees or out of pocket costs.
  • Market Commentary: Local economic, political or market commentary upon request.